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Owl Bass Alchemist 4/32 Aguilar OBP-3 run through


Owl Bass Alchemist 4/32 Aguilar OBP-3 run through




Thank you for visiting Owlbass.com.

My name is Chris Seldon and well, I am Owl Bass Guitars.

I work alone in an old candy factory in the west end of Toronto, Canada.

I build my basses from raw lumber, 100% percent by hand the old fashioned way. No CNC, no CAD. It’s just me and some rulers, spinning blades and coffee.

As a perfectionist and control freak, milling and dimensioning the lumber is very important. It’s stage 1 of what will eventually become (after a 100 more stages) a truly great bass.

My goal is to make you the most musical bass guitar in your collection. The one you pick up first and put down last.

 A little about me:

I have worked in the music industry in several capacities since I moved to Toronto at age 22 and have been playing bass since my dad rented me an 81’ Ibanez Musician to take lessons on.

My working life started as an Apple/Digidesign Pro Tools tech in the early 90’s where I was very lucky to work with many bands including Rush and the Stones. Then I moved on to touring guitar tech, touring bass player, producer, songwriter and eventually Director of Marketing for Yamaha guitars in Canada.

While I have always been a player, working as a tech and in support roles very much informed me as to what professional’s need when the lights go down and 30 thousand people have been waiting all day for the show.

At Yamaha, I gravitated toward the design and product development side working closely with the Japanese design team on several product lines.

I eventually came to the conclusion that marketing someone else’s design was not where my passion was, and that I wanted to try designing an instrument of my own.

Then a few years ago I drew a picture of a bass….

Part Alembic Series 1, part Wal MKII, part late 70’s Spector.

I bought some wood and rented a very small garage in the Cabbagetown and got to work. After a whole lot of tinkering I still had all my fingers and a prototype bass made of poplar. (It’s still a great bass, don’t slag poplar!).

Fast forward a couple of years and here we are.

I have 2 models of Owl Basses that I currently offer:

The Ranger and The Alchemist.

I think of the Ranger as an old school passive rock bass and the Alchemist as it’s considerably more refined older sibling.

Both models feature top quality woods and components, the main differences being the Alchemist’s feature presentation level drop tops, 3 or 5 ply necks and active electronics, for those that like to get surgical.

When someone plays an Owl, their general reaction has been “wow, it plays beautifully across the whole scale and sounds huge. It is familiar and inspiring at the same time”. (Actual quote I just can’t recall who said it).


Thanks again for visiting and if you’d like to discuss your next bass please shoot me an email at info@owlbass.com


Until then, I’ll be making sawdust in the shop.

Best Regards,


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